The Idea

We always dreamt of a really long trip – like so many others. A trip into foreign countries, a break from the monotony at home, just our small family …..In most cases it remains a dream, but we gave up a lot and plunged into our adventure.

The initial point to seriously start considering a world trip was in May 2002 during an Off-Road Exhibition in Bad Kissingen. Besides all the smaller 4WD vehicles we saw some of those big expedition vehicles. We knew that a world trip on a sailing boot would not be possible. A two weeks sailing trip some years ago made that clear. Olivia didn’t feel comfortable on board at all. Her good temper only returned after we left the boat behind. Expedition vehicles offered us the possibility to travel by land, - solid and safe vehicles based on 4WD truck chassis, which provide independence from sealed roads and civilisation. At the same time those vehicles have sufficient space for a family of four.
May 2002 was therefore a kind of starting point, even though we didn’t fully realize that ourselves at the time. On the way back from Bad Kissingen we were only talking about travelling the world in one of those vehicles. In both of us a strong volition of undertaking a world trip arose. However, during the following long planning phases lots of things and coincidences had to fit together to make the adventure really possible. But still, the crucial point was the strong will in both of us – and not only in one of us – to really want to go for it.

The stepping stones in the realization of our trip can be divided into the following main blocks:
The vehicle
Travel route and travel preparation(Plan Asia and Plan Australia)
Preparing for one year away from home (in progress)